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Chains or Chance

I hope you like that title as much as I do!  Hopefully, it gets you thinking as much as it stimulates me to write something relevant about it.  Not relevant to me as much as truly relevant to you.  I want you to be moved to some type of positive action as a result of what you read.

If you’re moved to action, you are moving toward change.  If you’re moving toward change you have the chance to break the psychological chains that are tying you down.

Come on!  You know what I mean by psychological chains.  They’re the result of your negative self-talk.  They’re just as confining as if you were in a dungeon somewhere and chained to the wall.  Well you aren’t so those chains will be a hell of a lot easier to break than if you were.

As long as you chain yourself down to the negatives in your life, you have little chance of creating a positive outcome.  You can’t breakout, so to speak, if you can’t find the key to unlocking the chains.

Where’s the key, you ask?  Well, it isn’t hidden in some jailers lock box!  You always have the key with you but it’s in a place too many of us refuse to look.  The key to unlocking your chains and giving yourself a chance is between your ears…it’s in your mind.

Unlock the power of your mind and you unlock the chains holding you back in your life.  Take the chance!

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