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Champions Don’t Always Win

Somebody said it, “Winning is everything.”  I don’t recall who and, for me, it wasn’t important enough to Google the phrase to find out.  The source isn’t important but it’s the thought that is.

If winning were everything, what does that make losing?  In my opinion, it truly isn’t about winning or losing.  What’s most important is how you handle either situation.

Some winners become losers because of the way they gloat over their success.  Conversely, some losers become winners by the way they respect their good effort and those who won.

If you want to win in life, lose the attitude that you have to always win.  The greatest of champions across the pantheon of life’s achievements have lost repeatedly before they learned how to win.

Winning and losing brings about learning.  Constant learning and application of that learning is what develops a champion.

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