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Chance vs. Choice

I think William Jennings Bryan; lawyer, orator, & politician; defined the key to success as succinctly as anyone before or after. He said: ” Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

So…what are you waiting for? One definition of the word, waiting, in Webster’s says: “remain in readiness or expectation.” Life is way too short to put your potential for success at the level of “readiness” or “expectation.” You can’t afford to take that chance! Your opportunities for success are all too fleeting.

Back to Webster’s Dictionary, one definition of the word, achieved, says: “gain by work or effort.” Look at what the definition is telling you about your choices for gaining success. The definition clearly confirms if you want control over your destiny it is best assured through hard work and focused effort.

Your success in life really isn’t just about a roll of the dice. It is about you, first, doing the hard work of clearly defining what a successful destiny for you will look like. Having that vision clearly in your mind and on paper, you must put forth the effort to create a written roadmap of the things you need to do to ultimately achieve your destiny. Finally, you have to follow the roadmap to its end and not allow yourself to be detoured.

The chances are, having made the above choices, you will find your destiny is fulfilling to the level of your ultimate peace of mind. Peace of mind created by you having made active choices rather than waiting for chance. Life and your success in it is not a chance at winning the lottery it is a choice to make it a pursuit!

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