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Change Conundrum

Have you ever been resistant to change? May I suggest you reconsider. Without change none of us would be here. The world and life in general would pass us by.

As the great psychologist, author and motivational speaker, Dr. Dennis Waitley, once said about people who resist change: “On the one hand, they know that learning brings about change. On the other hand, they resist change. They know that some people have overcome enormous obstacles to become great, but they can’t imagine it happening to them. So, they resign themselves to being the also-rans in life, wishing and envying away their lives.”

What a conundrum! Change and face unknown risks that we conjure in our minds as fearsome. Don’t change, out of a sense of comfort and low risk, and life will pass you by in a heartbeat. Leaving you to ponder another question…Is that all there is?

If you don’t want to face life with an attitude of “wishing and envying away” your life, then change must be a given. You much embrace change with the enthusiasm of the innocence of your youth…with the same gusto as when you were a child doing something for the first time and you didn’t know or care about the risks. You did it with exhilaration and your whole world changed. New horizons came into view. New possibilities were everywhere!

When confronted with change, as we all are throughout life, don’t immediately throw-up your defenses and resist. Train yourself to think “possibilities” rather than “change.” Create a “possibilities” attitude and never be faced with the “change conundrum” again.

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