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Change Is Good

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0426505Nobody really likes it because it forces us out of our comfort zone.  It’s a much less risky feeling when we are familiar with our surroundings and circumstances.  Why rock the boat and create discomfort?  Leave dealing with change to others and remain comfortable.  Sound familiar?  Is that how you think?

It’s understandable but believe it or not very risky.  Change is good.  In fact change is absolutely necessary, if you are to survive successfully long-term. Nothing stays the same except those things that are, in effect or literally, dead.  And, even those things continue to deteriorate over time and, so in their own way, changing.

Think about all the things that wouldn’t be if there weren’t changes going on around us all the time.  Some examples:


  • Progression of time:Without it there would be no point of reference.  It would be a state of suspension not allowing for life as we know it.


  • The oceanic tides:Without them, the balance of nature, in multiple ways, would be totally destroyed and life would wither and die.


  • The phases of the moon:Without them, the night would be lost in a constant state of sameness once again effecting life as we know it.


  • Earth’s atmosphere:Without its constant, boiling, roiling, frigid, state of change, we’re all dead including planet Earth.


Well, I’m sure you get the idea.  Change is required for the very thing we value most…life…to exist.  So, if your individual life is to thrive you must encourage and deal effectively with change.  See change as opportunity not threat.  The threat is lack of change!  Change is good because otherwise life is gone.

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