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Character Is All You Are

b2ap3_thumbnail_Man-At-CrossroadsIf you want to have greater control over your destiny, you must protect your character.  Sure…there are some things in this life over which you have little or no control and those things can potentially have an impact on your destiny.  Example:  A distracted driver comes out of nowhere and slams into your vehicle killing you instantly.  There is absolutely nothing you could have done to anticipate such a situation and exercise the control to avoid it.

So, the uncontrollable doesn’t count in trying to control your destiny.  What does count, as has been said by many other people so this certainly isn’t an original thought…your character defines your destiny.  Or, to put that another way, as you think so you will become.   The extension of those thoughts is if you have limited thinking, you have limited potential.

In the final analysis, all you really have is who you are.  All the material things you possess do not define who you are.  They only define what you have been able to acquire.  Other people in your life, although very important, don’t define you.  They may support you; applaud you; revile you and reject you but they do not define you. You, and only you, define who you are!

Allow yourself the benefit of a character that thinks with an unlimited vision of life’s potential.  Make your character one that feels with empathy and is soulful in depth.  Behave in ways that confirms a character of substance, strength and humility.  A character of such distinction will lead you to a destiny of distinction.

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