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Choice or Chance?

Interesting question in the title especially considering what it refers to.  In my writings, I’m almost always focused on trying to help people reach out to all the potential they can realize in their lives.  As I have said many times, life is not about retiring.  It is about constantly aspiring!

What do you aspire to?  What do you want most out of your time in this life?  I’m here to tell you achieving whatever it is regarding your answers to those questions is embodied in how you react to the two words in the title of this article.

Ya’ see, I believe some people make powerful choices in their life while others wait for chance to strike them with good fortune.  Chance don’t get it in my book.  By it’s very nature and to be redundant chance is “chancy,” at best!  Why leave something as important as our life experiences to chance?  Pardon my bluntness, but I think doing that is absolutely stupid!

Here’s a better approach in my opinion.  Think about it this way.  Making a choice allows you to have a chance.  Leaving your life to chance allows for little choice.  Which is going to be for you:  choice or chance?

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