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Choose to Change Your Perspective or Choose to Continue to be a Miserable Failure

Remember those cheap little kaleidoscopes you used to play with as a kid?

I say cheap because they always seemed to be made out of a very thin cardboard tube and it didn’t take them long to break!  But, while they worked they had an amazing array of changing perspectives as you stared into the tube.

The idea was to not just look into the tube and stare at one perspective.  No…to be successful at using the kaleidoscope and receiving its full benefits you had to be willing to experiment by turning the tube.

So, what does using a kaleidoscope have to do with you being successful in life?

Well, think about it!  The purpose of the kaleidoscope was to thrill you with an array of perspectives.

If you want to live a thrilling life, you have to live it with a kaleidoscope in mind.  Life can’t be lived to its fullest by having only one perspective on it.  Ya’ gotta’ turn the tube once in a while!

A full and successful life is a kaleidoscope of changing perspectives driven by a mindset of experimentation.  Failing miserably, on the other hand, is the result of an unwillingness to experiment and change with the times and circumstances.  Failure is staring down a dark hole with tunnel vision!

Here are 3 useful things you can do to change your life from a dark hole of misery to a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

  • Read Malcolm Gladwell’s, The Tipping Point:  How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
    • Your purpose is to recognize in creating a kaleidoscope of possibilities you do not have to do big things.
    • Take little steps of change and big changes will happen for you.
  • After getting your mindset right by reading Gladwell’s book, reflect on your life.
    • Your purpose is to write a short story about 3 times in your life where you welcomed change.
    • Determine exactly what were the circumstances that allowed you to see a kaleidoscope of possibilities by making those changes and why those circumstances helped you to change.
  • Finally, from the information you gain, define 5 actions you could take to improve your success in life.
    •  Your purpose is to act on one of them each week for the next 5 weeks.


The kaleidoscope of perspectives you will gain from doing the above three things will be at least as thrilling as what you enjoyed while playing with that toy when you were a kid.

Drop me a comment about what you learned by acting on the suggestions in this post.  I’m expecting a kaleidoscope of perspectives from a bunch of readers.


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