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Clarity Clearly Counts

So, here you are at some crossroads in life.  You could go left or right…up or down.  It’s your decision!  What are you going to do?

The answer is seek clarity on the issues and you have clarity on which way to act.  You can’t do what’s right until you can see what’s right.  You can’t see what’s right if your mind is in a foggy muddle of indecision.

Clarity absolutely requires a plan.  By definition then, you have to have a system to follow in creating a plan.  Here’s one idea.  Use the acronym SWOT.  Think yourself through the concepts suggested by each word associated with that acronym and you have the basis for clarity in your planning.

The S stands for strengths.  In other words, take the time to ponder and record all of your strengths that can be applied to the ultimate solutions to the challenge you are planning to overcome.

If you’re truly going to have clarity however, you must also consider your weaknesses in the same light.  That’s the W in the acronym.  Here, you have to consider those weaknesses on two levels.  Those that you can overcome potentially and those that may be so onerous that all the clarity in the world wouldn’t help in this particular instance.  Clarity as to those kind of onerous weaknesses may be disappointing but at least it could lead you down a more successful path to a different plan of action.

O is for opportunities.  If you don’t understand the opportunities in overcoming your current challenge, why even think about it?  It’s clarity as to the potential opportunities that will help you find the passion to proceed with developing your plan.

But, there is always a downside to plan for whenever you achieve true clarity.  The downside is the T in the acronym:  Threats.  In other words, you must clearly define what are the things that could stand between you and success.  Once defined then you have the clarity of how to go about minimizing those threats through effective planning strategies.

Clarity clearly counts in creating your course of action.  Capiche?

Here’s a link to a tool that can help.

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