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Clarity of Thinking is the Heart of Success

It happens way too often!  You’re driving along and you look at the person driving in the next lane.  You can’t believe it!

The person is actually driving at 40 mph and has his/her phone propped up on the steering wheel and merrily typing a text message to someone.

Of course that explains why the person’s car was weaving as you approached from the rear!

The question is whether this person’s lack of clarity in actually thinking about driving the car is going to result in a tragedy for him/her or others?  Will the person actually arrive safely and successfully at their destination?

The example of texting while driving is a great metaphor for one of the keys to you achieving success during your life.

There is absolutely no doubt the clarity of your thinking is the very heartbeat of success.

The following video expresses some additional thoughts on the whole subject and focuses on progressive thinking.  Such thinking can help you to be, have or do anything you truly want.

What is one example of progressive thinking you can use to help you progress toward your success?

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Crop of GNCC ShotMindstate mentor, author, trainer and speaker, Gary Greenfield (@LifeRider) provides self-employed people inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress. He believes a mindstate that is positive and stress that is minimized helps self-employed people better profit through performance.

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