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Clarity of Your Purpose Is the Key to Achieving Your True Potential

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438344I find it strange how some people struggle mightily with becoming all they can be in life.  It’s like they’re in a constant fog of doubt and, consequently, go around and around in circles rather than moving decisively forward.  There is absolutely no need for such confusion in direction!


Jumping to the bottom line on all of this is, if you have a purpose than you will reach your potential.  But, you can’t just have a purpose you have to have laser clarity of your purpose.  Laser suggests focus while clarity is the state of being clear and easily understood.


That’s easily understood I’m sure.  However, it is the understanding of the characteristics of the degree of your purpose that’s critical for you.  What’s the game-changer is when your purpose is focused on your passion through that laser clarity.  Passion is the root of achieving all potential.


Think about it.  Potential is the possibility of something happening.  There is no possibility of something happening if you are not driven to make it so. Passion drives your possibilities and your possibilities give momentum toward your potential.


Here’s what you have to do to give clarity to your purpose and thereby achieve your true potential.  Define all the things in your life that gives you your greatest joy.  Leverage those things into a plan of action that allows you to be engaged with all those things as frequently each day as you can.  Adapt your circumstances as you go so you can pursue the plan.  Enjoy the journey to your potential as you go.

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