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Clean Bright and Shiny as a New Penny

b2ap3_thumbnail_MC910216996You’ve had one given to you when you received change for some purchase you just made, right?  Or, maybe you had to buy a roll of pennies from the bank and they were newly minted.  Whether you take the official label as stated by the U.S. Mint, cent, or the U.S. Treasury’s official name, one cent piece, by either definition, there is something intriguing and almost magical about having that clean, bright and shiny new coin lying in your hand.

Think about the feeling of delight when you first see it lying there in the palm of your hand.  It’s a fun feeling, isn’t it?  Well, every day you have a shiny, new thing placed in the palm of your hand, so to speak.  It’s the new day and you are in control of whether it’s going to be clean, shiny and bright or dull and lackluster.

The attitude you begin each day with sets the tenor and tone of the day.  You allow the dull reaches of negativity in your mind get ahold of the day and the light of the new day’s opportunities will never reach you.  The firmament of cloudy, sullen negativity will roil around you and send the day into a storm of malaise and misery.

Lay a shiny new penny on your bedside table and make sure it is lying where the bedside lamp will shine directly on it.  When you wake up each day, without opening your eyes reach up and turn on the light.  In the same move, look down at the penny lying there brightly shining and welcoming you to your new day.  There is nothing negative that can be cast from the bright shine of a new penny.  There is nothing more positive than you greeting each day with a shiny, bright attitude.

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