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Come In For A Landing

A friend of mine who is beyond being just an amazing guy believes in the following affirmation.  “Who needs legs when you have got wings?”  He frequently makes that point to his audiences around the world.  Furthermore, he proves the point daily as he soars above the rest of us sharing his amazing insights on life and living.  He, by happenstance, is a quadriplegic.  His name is Chad Hymas and I would recommend you learn about him and his philosophy at www.chadhymas.com

But, back to my point in quoting one of Chad’s favorite philosophies.  I believe life shouldn’t just be a walk in the park, so to speak.  I believe we should create our own flight plan and soar as high as we can.

Yes, a walk in the park can be a peaceful thing to do and in many ways a fulfilling experience.  On the other hand, what truly could be better than soaring above the crowd on your own flight plan to the heights?  The fact is you can’t be all you can be by being grounded, so to speak, in the crowd.  Self-actualization by definition requires you to rise above where you are to where you want to be which is to achieve your full potential in life.

However, an interesting thing about other entities that soar in this world…Birds or airplanes, for instance.  The thing that allows them to soar to the heights is their wings.  But, there’s another interesting aspect about their construction…they both have landing gear.  Hmmm.  What’s that say about your efforts to soar up to your full potential?

As I see it, the answer is those who soar the highest are able to do so because they have no fear of heights.  They have no fear of heights because they know they can come in for a landing any time they want to.  And, the reality is one must come in for a landing once in a while to rest and gain clear perspective on where to soar next.

You can’t soar to your full potential until you are very grounded in your perspective.  That requires you to come in for a landing every once in a while.

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