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Come In From The Dark

If you’re wandering through life in a dark and gray fog, happiness can seem a distant dream through the mist.  Happiness isn’t a physical state as much as it’s a state of mind.  But, a mind in a dark and gray fog can only be numb.  Truly fulfilling happiness only comes with mental clarity.

So what’s a person to do?  Answer:  Come in from the dark in a metaphoric sense.

Here’s how you come in from a dark and gray mental fog.  Raise your consciousness and you raise you clarity.  Raise your clarity and you raise your sense of self-control.  Raise your sense of self-control and you raise your potential to exercise self-discipline.  A disciplined mind is the key to making the choices that can lead to true happiness.

There’s the light through the mist…now, come in from the dark.

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