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At my last writing, I mentioned I would not be posting any thoughts to my blog for a few weeks due to travel commitments. Well, those commitments took me through parts of the world I had not had the benefit of visiting before. These were wonderful places like Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt. Each in their own way different but, just as much the same.

Why? Because the common thread through all of those places is the wonder of their humanity…people. People with joy, commitment, belief, heritage, wonder, sorrow, fear and personal challenges. People taking each day of their life one day at a time and trying to figure out what it all means.

When one goes to places like these and visits the ruins of past populations of people, you can sense these people from thousands of years ago, too, took each day of their life with a sense of wonderment as to what it all means. Consequently, it seems to me one commonality reality of all humankind is the question…What does it all mean?

The challenge for humanity in answering that question lies in the repeated attempts over thousands, if not millions of years, to make the answer a universal answer…Make the answer one that is absolute, undeniable and the only answer for all people; in all ways; and everywhere. Inevitably, that approach to our commonality seems to result in continual conflict and destruction.

In my opinion, the only commonality that is unequivocal is that we are all human beings…period. That said, the reality is–despite our commonality–we are all unique human beings unto ourselves. There is only one of each of us in all of the world. Each of us is unique and one of a kind. How many ways could I make the same point?

So, to me the only way to find the answer to the question; What does it all mean?; is for each of us to take our unique path through the wonder of life. For me, recognize the simple fact that what it all means is: We are because we are…nothing more and nothing less. To make that fact liveable, I believe we should savor our common experience of life while it lasts; “live and let live;” be a good citizen of humanity; maximize our potential and contribution through our best effort; and accept it with grace and fulfillment when life is over.

That’s my commonality reality. I offer it. I do not suggest to impose it. I want it to stimulate you to reflect. Our common good depends on it.

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