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Complete and Consistent Presence Results in Presents

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399215Okay…so the presents to which I refer are not wrapped in pretty paper and a bow.  However, they should feel as if they are because of their impact on your life.  These are presents that pack a powerful punch and can change your life.  But, I get ahead of myself…let’s back up for a minute.

The word, presence, can mean a lot of things but there is only one meaning that has to do with my point.  I’m talking about your ability to think and act efficiently because you are in the immediate proximity in both time and space.  Your mind, or body for that matter, is acutely aware of your present moment and circumstances and is not off wondering somewhere.

Your greatest gifts in life will come because of your ability to achieve complete and consistent presence.  Three of those gifts that come immediately to mind are time, productivity and reciprocation of love.

As to time, when you force yourself to remain in the here and now you have a much greater chance of being rewarded by it.  Your time and experiences will seem be more full and rich because you are more conscious of everything around you.  Time doesn’t seem so much as fleeting but floating.  It may not be suspended animation but it may be the next best thing.

Because of your presence, you will be able to better think and act on your options.  In other words, your productivity in any given moment is substantially increased because you’re not trying to multi-task your way through life.  Rather, you “uni-task” your way to creating more from each moment of your life.

Finally, for other people to return your love in the most impactful way they must be able to feel the sincerity of your love.  You can’t deliver sincere love if you are not absolutely in the moment of delivery.  Preoccupation with other things while supposedly expressing love is at best sensed as shallow and at worst totally spurned.

Time, fulfillment through meaningful productivity and true love are the ultimate presents that a good life can offer.  They’re wrapped and tied with a pretty bow and there for the taking when you become consistently and completely present in each of your moments in this life.

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