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Contemporary Art

Yikes!  Don’t be concerned!  This post is not about the artform known as contemporary art.  Frankly, I wouldn’t know it if I saw it.

No…I’m talking about you and the art you create each day of your life.  Whether you think about it that way or not, the reality is you are painting your life’s picture on the vast canvas of your lifetime.  There will be other great artists you will collaborate with but in the final analysis the picture emerging and ultimately completed on your canvas is your creation.  Yours and yours alone!

You mix the vividness of the colors.  You choose the brushes you will use.  You apply the strokes of the brush.  You create the big picture through the genius of your daily attention to the artful details of your life.  You are the master of the fresco of your life!

Here’s the challenge.  While you should have a vision of the big picture you ultimately want to create, it’s your attention to the details each day that creates a masterpiece.  In other words, the contemporary art you create each day fits together with that of the past to paint the picture of your future.

If you emphasize the detail of your contemporary efforts you will create an artful masterpiece of your life.  I guess what I’m talking about rather than contemporary art is emphasizing your be-in-the-moment art.

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