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Contrite Intuition Helps You Consistently Avoid Future Contrition

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399815_20140809-202902_1You know that “gut feeling” to which I allude in the title to this post.  It’s that feeling that some say occurs when your brain instantly connects what is happening in the present moment with something similar that may have happened in the past.   It’s a very personal thing and it all feels like it settles right in the core of your being.  The feeling may compel you to ask yourself whether you should trust those intuitive instincts or not.

I say, no, if the source of your trust is coming from an arrogant assumption of the infallibility of your instincts.  Come on!  Be honest with yourself!  You know you have made mistakes in judgment before.  It’s that reality that should lead you to take a more contrite approach to trusting your gut feelings.  Being contrite isn’t a bad thing…it doesn’t make you weak and indecisive.  On the contrary sincerely being contrite by definition is simply recognizing you do have shortcomings.  So, how do you exercise contrite intuition that will assure you won’t regret making an intuitive decision?

Well, the best answer may lie in understanding the circumstances that are ripe for trusting your intuition.  Here is a link to an article discussing five gut feelings that Dr. Judith Orloff and other experts recommend you pay attention to — and some reasons why you’ll be glad you did.  The article provides great information and clearly gives you some guidance on how contrite (informed) intuition helps you consistently avoid future contrition.

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