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Count Them!

You’ve heard it before but you’re about to hear it again.  Why?  Because too many of us forget too quickly.  We move on with our lives and things tend to evolve into a blur.  The fog in our memory rolls in and we almost can’t see a thing.

The blur or fog to which I am referring has to do with clearly seeing and appreciating all the good things in our lives.  Sometimes we get so mired in our momentary misery over something or someone we forget how good things really are.  I mean…come on!  Look at all the devastation of people’s lives all over the world from famine, war, genocide, natural disasters, and political greed.  Are things really that bad for you?

I say, count your blessings each and every day.  Give thanks for the fact you are alive, kicking and able to change things, if you need to.  Some people in this world absolutely don’t have a choice.  And, by the way, your power of choice is your greatest blessing.  Count on it!

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