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Courage and Confidence

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP910216400One without the other is as unlikely as summertime without warm weather.  The two go hand-in-hand.  That’s just the way it is, period!

So, what’s the point?  Let’s get there by being clear on the meaning of the two words.  First, courage, by one meaning is the ability to do something frightening.  On the other hand, confidence, by one definition is self-assurance arising from a belief in your ability to achieve things.

It seems to me you could only do something frightening if you had self-assurance in your ability to deal with the situation.  On the other hand, the root of self-assurance is your belief in your ability to achieve things and belief always takes courage.  Clearly, confidence takes courage and courage takes confidence.

The lesson for you is whatever you wish to achieve is as close as taking courageous, confident steps toward it.  Begin by believing in yourself in all that you do which will give you the courage to act with confidence!

You are as courageous as the next person…on that you can be confident.  Believe!

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