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Cover or Content?

So what’s the point of the title’s question, you ask?  Well, let’s go back to an age old truism.  “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Thinking about that truism, I’m struck by the fact that success in life is so much driven by the correctness of our perception of things.  Wrong perception…wrong result and so on.

None of us, it seems to me, have time for too many wrong results in our continuing efforts toward self actualization.  But, here’s a key point in that regard because we all tend to do the following.  When we first pick up a book we judge it by its cover.  After reading the book, we judge it by its contents.

Maybe that’s telling us to judge the substance of and the people in our lives by their content and not their cover.  Our perception may then be the correct reality and our results in life are more right than they are wrong.  Sound like a plan ?

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