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Create Creatively

Okay.  Here’s the deal.  Everyday you have a brand new opportunity.  It’s a blank slate and it’s up to you to create your day in the image you want.  Nobody else can do it for you.  Frankly, nobody else wants to do it for you.  They’re too busy with their own life to be able to help you create yours.

So, you have to take each day’s blank slate and do something with it.  Now, you can choose the mundane; the ordinary; the usual as it relates to how you paint the picture of your day.  Or, you can create your own creative way of dealing with the opportunities of each day.  You’re the one with the pallet and brush in your hand.  Create creatively!  Go for it!  This is your day!

Think outside the box.  Splash on all the colors you want.  Don’t worry about what others will think.  It’s the image of your day that you are creating.  Do you think the greatest of the creative thinkers in this world spend a great deal of time thinking what others are going to think of their creations?  I don’t think so…or, their creativeness would have limits that would be limiting, if you will pardon the redundancy.

One simple dictionary definition of create is:  “bring into being.”  Bring into being each of your days creatively and you will create a life of joy and fulfillment.  What a creative idea!

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