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Creating Motivation That Moves You

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0439557It’s a maddening word…motivation I mean.  You hear it used in so many different ways.  An offshoot of the word, motivation, which I find particularly frustrating and, frankly, misleading is the term, motivational speaker.  I honestly don’t believe there is validity in the concept of motivational speaking in the sense that the result is people become motivated to do something.  Speakers don’t motivate people the heart of a particular person is what motivates that person.

Yes, something a motivational speaker might say could impact a person in a way that gets them to reconsider their approach to some aspect of their life. However, that person has to decide to act as a result of what was heard from the speaker.  In other words, the person’s heart becomes inflamed with such emotion that they take actions they may have never taken before towards their goals.

You want to have your heart set on fire to achieve your goals.  Here’s how:

Your motivation is driven by specific, written goals to which you have a burning, heartfelt commitment.  Adding to that thought, what’s scary about well-conceived goals is they can actually get us what we want!

I want you to think about your motivation level and its relationship to goal-setting by using an old truism.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”  True.  However, the extension of that thought is but you sure as heck can make it thirsty!

Clearly defined, written goals for which you have a compelling reason to achieve them make you thirsty.   They make you taste the full flavor of your opportunities in life.  In short, such goals create motivation that moves you.

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