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Crisis Management

b2ap3_thumbnail_00448580Yikes!  It happened and you don’t know how.  Your world came crashing in around you.  You felt like you were falling into one of those awful sinkholes you hear so much about in the news.  The feeling clearly gave you a since of crisis because you didn’t know when things were going to stop falling all around you; how far you would fall; and whether you would end up buried alive in the misery of it all.

Here’s the thing…crisis can be defined as a time of severe difficulty or danger and, also, involve difficult or important decisions that must be made. Seems rather straight-forward to me.  It is what it is…a time when your difficulties can be overwhelming.

You can choose to be overwhelmed and get trapped in a crisis pit of misery or you can choose to get a grip on things and start climbing out even before the collapse stops.  Your attitude toward your life will determine which it is.

It’s the old “half-full or half-empty” analogy.  You change the orientation of your thinking into a “half-full” mentality and better manage the inevitable crises in your life through relatively simple adjustments.

  • Be positive rather than panic
  • Know that you can overcome rather than fear you will fail
  • Believe in your potential rather than see a crisis as the end
  • Plan how to change and overcome rather than to roll-over and succumb
  • Smile at the challenge rather than frown at the misfortune

In short, crisis management is more about managing your thoughts than it is about managing a thing.

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