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Curiosity Killed The Cat

Frequently heard old adage but, that’s about as far as it goes.  The reality is curiosity did not kill the person.  Curiosity is the life blood of a vibrant life of discovery.  Without it how does one gain the knowledge and skills to live in a fulfilling way?

My position is you don’t.  You have to ask questions.  You have to be curious.  There’s a purpose for it and it isn’t to be irritating to other people.  It’s about discovery and personal growth not being a pain in the ass.  Yes, some people can become irritated by the questions others might ask but my bet is they are that way because they would prefer the status quo.  “Don’t rock the boat,” they say!

If it weren’t for the ongoing curiosity of mankind, where would we all be.  Living in a world that is perceived as flat and the center of the universe?  Hello!

The lesson?  Don’t flatten your world by discouraging your curiosity.  Don’t be so self-centered that you’re not willing to ask questions and learn from other people.  Get out there!  Discover !

It’s curious how doing so will expand your horizons.  And, you don’t have to get killed in the process.

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