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Danger: More No Go When You Lead With Ego

You know that feeling in your gut they call intuition?

Well, forget about what might seem to be the intuitive thing when trying to get people to appreciate and/or respect you.

What is going on in the current political arena in the United States serves as a good example of my ultimate point.All the politicians are yapping trying to make their point and illustrate their potential importance to the rest of us.  In short, they are doing the intuitive thing in hopes of garnering appreciation and respect.

Intuitively, I think they must believe…Talk and they (potential voters) shall come to embrace me and my views.

Well, take a look at the following video to get deeper into why I think they are the personification of the danger mentioned in the title of this post.

So what are a couple of things you do to be perceived as confident rather than self-centered and egotistical?

Crop of GNCC ShotPlease share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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