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Days of the Week

I’ve got news for the Beatles.  There are not Eight Days A Week in a week.  There are only seven which makes every one of them even more important.  The point is every day of your life needs to be made a great day.

Here’s some ideas that may help in that regard.  Make each day of the week a different theme as suggested below.

  • Sunday is for renewal of your spirit.  You can’t excel without a spirit that is well.
  • Monday is for moving forward on your action plans.  You can’t improve, if you’re not always on the move.
  • Tuesday is for testing your limits in appropriate areas of your life.  There should be some resting but mostly testing.
  • Wednesday is for weighing your progress so far in the week.  With weighing comes a chance for a life game worth playing.
  • Thursday is for making sure you’re always trying.  Without constantly trying, your disappointments will leave you crying.
  • Friday is for fun.  Without making your life fun, you will constantly feel you’re under the gun.
  • Saturday is for feeling satisfaction for a week well lived.  Without satisfaction, your energy will go into contraction.


Obviously, these are just suggested themes for each day of your week.  The point is to have a daily theme, focus on it, and live by it.  Doing so will make each of your days of the week more meaningful.

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