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Dealing with Difficulty Isn’t Difficult

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0426519Seems to be a possible contradiction in the above title, don’t you think?  It would seem, on first blush, that if you have some kind of difficulty you must be in a difficult situation so dealing with it could be difficult.  I think we could all agree on that!  Here’s the challenge…It isn’t the difficulty that is difficult.  It’s the decision on how to deal with the difficulty that can be difficult.

In other words, a difficulty is what it is regardless of the nature of it.  The key to moving past it and moving on with your life lies in how you think about handling the situation.  Some people wallow in misery over the difficulty and get pulled down by it.  Other people get caught on the horns of a dilemma as to choosing a solution from several options.  Still other people immediately recognize the difficulty for what it is; analyze the situation for coming up with possible solutions; make a relatively quick decision about what is the best option; act on it and move on.

It’s the first two kinds of people described above who make dealing with difficulty difficult.  The latter people have clearly defined the best process for making dealing with difficulty relatively simple.  To restate the steps in making the difficult simple:


  1. Recognize the difficulty and clearly define it.Do it now…don’t deny it and procrastinate.
  2. Do a factual…not an emotional…analysis of the situation and possible solutions.
  3. Compare the pros and cons of the various solutions.
  4. Choose the one with the most pros and least cons.
  5. If there’s a tie, flip a coin and act on one accordingly.
  6. Move on and prepare for the next difficulty.


There’s the real difficulty…as long as you’re alive difficulties will keep coming up.  Define your process for dealing with them and life won’t be so difficult!

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