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Decisions Are Not Delayed They Are Made

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0422512There’s a very ugly word out there when it comes to becoming all you can be, do or have in this life.  The word is procrastination. Just to make sure you are aware of the potential debilitating effects of this word on your life consider the following points.  When you procrastinate, you postpone or delay something needlessly.  The extension of that thought is you put off something until a future time.  Who says you even have a future time!  Life is fleeting and not promised!  The effects of practicing procrastination are ugly…pure and simple.

So, don’t do it!  Easier said than done, right?  Let’s make it easier to make decisions rather than to delay them.  Millions of people progress through their lives without constantly procrastinating on making decisions.  You can too!  Consider the following ideas.

Take fifteen minutes to reflect on and note on a piece of paper the last ten times you caught yourself procrastinating.  Once you have the list written down go back through it and list each item on its own piece of paper.

Over the next ten days, take fifteen minutes a day to analyze just one item on your original list.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do this entire process in one sitting.  You’ll just procrastinate on doing it because it may seem overwhelming.  During your analysis clearing define the characteristics of the item on which you are procrastinating.  Look for things like:  type of item; complexity in getting it completed; time it will take to complete it; and, anything else you think might help give you clarity.

After you have completed your analysis of all ten items of procrastination, spread the ten pages of notes out on a table and put them in the order of priority for attacking each one.  By the way, your attack plan may even include totally eliminating some of the items because after your analysis you realize they are not that important to you.  Anyway, get them prioritized then take the first one and put the others aside.  Get them out of your mind for now!  You can’t do them all at once anyway!

For priority number one, build your step-by-step plan for completing it.  After doing so, your decision now should be only focused on the first step not the overwhelming nature of doing all the steps…just one!  Follow through on each step to completion of the item.  When you feel comfortable with making a decision about starting another item, repeat the process until you have completed all ten items.

You will find when you focus on taking small steps it becomes easier to make decisions rather than delaying them.  Big things always result from a series of small things happening.

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