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Decisively Moving Forward You Will Not Backslide Backward

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0289215Ever wonder why the term, backslide, carries with it a generally negative connotation?  I have and then a looked up its definition to try and understand.  Well…no wonder!  I don’t ever want to go there and neither should you in your life regardless of your circumstances and challenges.

Let’s take a look together.  In the good, old Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition for backslide is:  “to lapse morally or to revert to a worse condition.”  I would say we all have a moral responsibility to never revert to a worse condition in our lives.  Life is too short to ever revert!  We must be constantly moving forward if we want all of life’s rewards.

There are some simple things you can do to assure you are always decisively moving forward toward realizing your life’s dreams.

First, you have to accept that nothing comes without the price of hard work.  Everything can seem to be going against you but if you continue to work hard toward your goals ultimately things will turn around.  The only time backslide and failure is inevitable is when you make the choice of allowing it to happen.  You always have the power of choice at your command!

However, the key thing that drives you to choose moving forward vs. backsliding is the emotional depth of your desire.  Whatever you want if you want it badly enough it can and will be yours.  Effective work to win your desired reward is easy when your desire is great.  You have examples confirming that fact throughout the world.  It is true in every aspect of a life well lived and the greatest dreams being realized.  I’m not going to insult your intelligence by sighting examples here.  You have seen plenty of examples yourself already!

Just do this…find your passion and constantly work hard toward living it.  Backsliding backward will be absolutely impossible because you will always be moving forward.

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