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Deductive Reasoning

So, you say you want more out of your life in all aspects.  You want no limits except as you set them.  In short, you want it all!  Well, good luck.

Many of us never get it all for one simple reason.  The reason is the “all about me attitude” too many of us exhibit on a daily basis.  Me, me, me can’t be over-emphasized in our lives.

Well, if “me” wants all life has to offer, it’s got to be about “you.”  In other words, deductive reasoning says, if you want to succeed in life and “have it all” you have to add value for others.  You’ve got to subtract self-centeredness and multiply the well being of others.

How did I deduce that?  Through reasoning.  That reasoning led me to observe others who truly “have it all” in life.  In every way, they don’t deduct from…they add to the lives of everyone around them.  Whaddaya say? Why not deduce that you are going to give it a try?

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