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Deep Impact

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433058No, I’m not going off on some space odyssey, here!  Although, the title might lead your thinking in that direction.  However, the title is more about you and how you go about approaching your life.

Every day you have the potential of impacting your world, at large, and definitely the people immediately around you.  Actually, every day you do impact your world and the people around you.  So, the question is not about potential it’s about how you choose to have impact.

I say, if it’s inevitable that you’re going to have impact, make it deep, moving and meaningful.  Don’t just go about it like the characters in most of the hopeless reality shows on TV.  Most of those characters, at least to me, seem to have shallow personalities and therefore even more shallow impact.

Do you really want your life to be like a reality show?  Wouldn’t you rather have your reality be one of depth and meaning to you and all the people around you?

If you’re going to have deep impact, it takes depth of character and purpose.  From my view, one is born of or driven by the other.  When you have a passionate purpose, it shapes your character so you can live up to that purpose.

In short, drive yourself to having deep impact by finding those things of passion that give you purpose.

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