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Define It To Own It

I’m sure you’re like many of us.  We set out toward a particular objective and for some reason get derailed and never get there.  Well, it’s like Yogi Berra is reputed to have said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up somewhere else.”

Surely, you have several personal examples where Yogi’s philosophy has been fulfilled by you.  You had the best intentions when you started out, no doubt…but.  Here’s the deal when it comes to reaching your goals.  You can’t possibly have the emotional commitment needed to achieve your goals, if you don’t have absolute clarity as to what they are and why they are important to you.  As the title says, Define It To Own It.

By define, I mean every detail.  The best example of how to do that is through use of the widely recognized formula:  SMART.  SMART is an acronym that provides you a clear outline for putting definition to your goals.

The “S” is for specific.  Example:  I will jog 3 miles a minimum of 3 times per week each and every week.

“M” is for measurable.  Explanation:  The above specific statement gives you something you can measure which allows you to compare your progress with your intentions.

All well defined goal statements have to have an “A,” if they are going to be useful goals.  The “A” is for achievable.  Explanation:  Setting a goal that is totally unreasonable given your current resources, etc., is actually a de-motivator.  Yes, you want to stretch yourself to make things interesting but the goal has to be something that with legitimate effort you have a reasonable chance at achieving it.

The “R” is for relevant.  Explanation:  The definition you put to your goal has to be something that is truly important to you.  Without emotional importance, any goal is only a pretense.

“T” is for time bound.  Explanation:  Without a deadline your sense of urgency is non-existent and you will be less inclined to push for achieving the goal.  Besides, without a deadline you have a dream, at best, rather than a defined goal.

If you truly want to own your destiny , then clearly define it through following the above suggestions.

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