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Definite Goals Require Definite Deadlines

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401038Some people live their entire lives without ever having set even one definite goal!  Those same people have lived their lives in a malaise of mediocrity rather than in a vortex of velocity toward great success.  It is impossible to realize all the potential your life has to offer without putting some clarity to that potential.  The only way to define your potential is to envision it through definite goals.

If you Google, “how to write good goals and objectives,” you will get eight million results.  So, it is not my objective in this post to give you a training course in writing good goal statements.  Rather, my focus is on the one characteristic that, if missing, will result in you wandering toward your goals rather than actually targeting your goals.  In the case of wandering, you may ultimately get there but who knows when.  Your time is finite!  You may not have time to just wander toward your life goals!

In the case where you target goals, you still face the uncertainties of how much time you have left in your life to achieve your goals.  However, when you set definite deadlines for each of your goals you are at least efficiently using your finite amount of time.  You can see the goal clearly becoming a reality at some definite point in the future.

Such a clear and finite vision of the goal gives you energy to drive toward it.  Goals that have the best chance to be achieved are goals that you have a deep, emotional attachment to.  The more definite your deadline for reaching your goals the more visceral can become your emotional attachment to them.  In other words, you have to see and feel your goals before you reach them, if you are ever going to reach them…Setting definite deadlines helps in this regard.

Define your goals and define your deadlines for reaching them and you define the guarantee of your success.

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