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Delicate Balance

We can spend our lives in vigorous pursuit of an indescribable variety of things and achievements.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either.  In fact, a life spent doing otherwise would be a life left unfulfilled.  But, as we pursue all we can be we should temper everything with a recognition that achieving a fulfilling life is a delicate balance.

Consider these ten points of needed balance:


    • Your capacity to your ambition


    • Your plan to your actions


    • What you have to what you want


    • What you wish for to what you do about it


    • The time you spend dreaming to planning


    • Your belief in yourself to practical limitations


    • Your spirituality to conscious being


    • Your family time to your work time


    • Your learning to applying


  • The time you spend sleeping to being awake


I could keep writing.  But then, it’s a delicate balance between making and over-selling my point.

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