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Determining Requires Determination

Some people spend a lifetime trying to figure things out.  Not so surprising.  Frankly, most of us do because life isn’t about becoming all-knowing but about a constant pursuit of trying to know and understand.  If you’re not trying to figure things out and learn more about the mysteries of this life, how can you ever understand what your destiny can and will be?  It is with a deep understanding of the reasons for your destiny that you achieve true peace of mind.

Sounds like a worthy goal…peace of mind born of understanding.  But, determining all that you need to understand requires absolute determination.  You can’t presume understanding will come to you by some wave of a magic wand.  It’s a journey of constant effort…constant search.  It’s that journey that gives life the magic…the electricity for you to want to continue pursuing understanding.

Do three things:           



    • Steel your mind for a determined search


    • Hone your body’s physical condition so you can keep up that determined effort


  • Connect with your spirituality so you can determine when you get there…peace of mind, that is


Determination is the single most important key to you being in control of determining your own destiny.

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