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Detour or Derailment?

Ever notice how often life throws unexpected barriers in our current path. Many times people in these situations react in an almost stupefied way. They ask things like: How could that have happened? or, Where did that come from? or, Why me, I was doing so well? And, a myriad of other reactions.

The bottom-line is not that the barrier popped-up but what we do to deal with it. It’s that thought that leads me to the title of this week’s entry. In order to put the title in its purest perspective, let’s take a moment to consider the key words: detour and derailment. First, consider the word, derailment.

By its very essence, should you or me allow a derailment to occur we are totally knocked off our current track. It becomes not just a minor annoyance but a total destroyer of our direction and momentum. We lay on the side of our former track in a heap of twisted emotions and basically a total wreck. Allowing barriers to become derailments destroys our dreams and goals that lay at the end of our former track.

On the other hand, take the idea of barriers being managed as detours. Many times in life we have all been on highways or roads where unexpected barriers appeared. In those situations, we had a stated destination; home, work, a play, a child’s birthday party, whatever. Regardless of the destination we knew we had to get there and nothing was going to stop us. Up pops the very purpose of the word detour. The concept of the word gets us thinking about alternative routes to our destination. It allows us to keep progressing toward our dreams and goals vs. falling on the side-rail of life in a mangled, broken wreck.

Within the last week, I had a barrier pop-up right in the middle of a track on which I was full steam ahead. The barrier involved the unexpected death of my father and dealing with all the emotion and family responsibilities that goes with such an event. I’ll spare you the details or background but suffice it to say the whole event could have created a disastrous derailment of my focus on my current dreams and goals.

I choose to make the events of the last week, while attending to my emotions and family, a detour from my current path. A detour that, frankly, has allowed me to refocus with an even greater clarity on who I want to be; where I want to ultimately go; and what legacy I ultimately want to leave.

I say to you, thank God for detours on our various paths of life. They offer us an amazing opportunity to think about the path to our destination in a different way. The result…a powerful path in life rather than the scrap-heap of disappointment because we allowed ourselves to be derailed.

What’s it for you as you face your own barriers…detour or derailment?

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