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Discipline vs. Talent

Having a talent, or many talents for that matter, can be a wonderful thing.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be talented in some way?  Even you, right?

Here’s the thing about talent, though.  You’ve seen them and so have I.  People with amazing talent who never realize their full potential.  One way or another they never quite leverage their talent in ways that lead to great achievement in their life.  We don’t need to name names, here.  You see them in the news on a daily basis, if not in other ways.

But, why is that some people never truly take advantage of their talent?  I think there is a one word answer to that question.  Discipline.  Those people never achieved all they could because they lacked the discipline required to turn their talent into action.  Talent without action is as if there was no talent in the first place.

Discipline is the driver that takes a talented person to one with demonstrated ability.  Therefore, it really isn’t discipline vs. talent.  Because without the former, the latter never really exists.  There is no contest!

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