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It’s a wonderful and exciting concept, potentially.  The idea of leading a life of turning daily corners of discovery, that is.  Each corner brings new meaning and enthusiasm for living a life of success.  It’s exciting…I tell you!

So, how do you assure that these corners of discovery occur for you?  Well, it’s not as much about your level of talent as it is about your self-discipline and attention to detail.  Sure you have to apply the talent you have.  But, the operative word in that last sentence is apply.

I’m sure you know any number of people who you believed had tremendous talent (much more than yours) and, yet, they have lived lives of relative mediocrity.  The difference is their lack of willingness to apply themselves on a consistent basis and to pay attention to the details.

Beautiful paintings do not evolve from the big picture.  They are created by a disciplined focus on each little detail.

Your life is your own, personal work of art.  Discovery of the big picture of your personal work of art through discipline and a focus on the details is what your life is all about.

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