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Division Equals Multiplication

Yup!  You are right.  Given the title of this post, it’s apparent I know nothing about basic mathematics.  Or, do I?  I think so and here’s why.

Think of yourself as a single cell in the body of humanity.  Now, as I understand it, cells must grow and divide as they do.  Ironically, by dividing they multiply their numbers and impact on the growth of the organism of which they are a part.  And, so it is with you.

You can divide and, thereby, multiply your impact on humanity.  What you think is what you are.  What you are is a part of what humanity will become.  As you go about your daily contribution to your life and that of humanity, think about you as a single cell and what you are contributing.  As you divide, is your multiplication, cancerous on the well-being of humanity?  Or, are you a cell adding health and happiness?

You are not in this alone.  You matter big time.  Divide your daily thinking with those thoughts and multiply the abundance of your fellow man.  It will add up to great abundance for you.  There’s no subtracting that fact.

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