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Do It Done

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0341371_20130529-174049_1You might be thinking I’m talking about a direction in some kind of cooking recipe.  You might be wrong, if that’s what you’re thinking.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be harsh in making such an accusation.  I’m just trying to get your attention in a way that will pull you through this blog post in hopes you can benefit from my real point.

Things always seem so hard when we’re at the starting point.  It seems like you’re looking at your objective through a long, dark, uphill tunnel.  At this point, many times the objective seems impossibly difficult to achieve.  Sometimes, if not most times, you turn away from that objective and go look for an easier one to achieve.

Change your thinking from one of turning away to one of always starting toward!

Every objective is impossible if you never start to do it.  For sure it can’t be done in that case!  It’s the start that gets you going…that’s the hardest part. As the saying goes, just do it.

Then, comes the second hardest part…doing it until it’s done.  In other words, always finish what you start!  That seems so basic to success and that is exactly the reason too many people never realize all their potential.  They start things and stop.

You want to become all you can be?  Find out what it is you truly want and “do it done.”

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