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Do More

I’m not talking about community involvement, here, necessarily.  Certainly, the points I’m about to make could apply to your efforts to give back to your community but I’m really all about you and your potential.  In short, if you truly want to realize your full potential, you have to do more.  PERIOD…it’s as simple as that.  Let’s take a look at why that’s true.

Think about a time when you “hit the wall,” so to speak, on something.  Doesn’t matter what it was.  What matters is that you get clearly in mind an incident where you, in effect, said to yourself, “I can’t do any more of this.”  Got it in mind?  Feels exhausting even now, doesn’t it?  That overwhelming sense that you couldn’t go any further no matter what…got to you and you quit!

Okay, so sometimes quitting may actually be the right thing to do.  But, if you are going to become all you can be; self-actualize; reach your true potential; or however you want to label it, you can’t quit.  You must do more!

People of greatness do not do with less they do more with everything in their lives.  They don’t become great because they take a defeatist, mediocre approach to their lives.  Great is great because it is always more!

Think about it this way.  Contrast when you feel great vs. when you feel depressed.  When you’re great everything is perceived as delivering more.  You have more energy.  You have more enthusiasm in everything that you do.  And, inevitably you get more in everything that you do and in all of your relationships in life.  Contrast that sense of well-being with the absolute feeling of having less of everything when you’re depressed.

Bottom-line:  If you truly want more, you must do more!

Here’s how you do more, always.  Start everyday with a specific, positive affirmation for the day.  In other words, put into words something about the day that is positive or some positive thing you’re going to do that day.  Repeat the affirmation to yourself throughout the day but in particular if you feel yourself slipping and not wanting to do more.

Acting on a positive affirmation will force you to do more when you think you want to do less.  Doing more equals potential while doing less equals mediocrity.

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