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Do Not Delay Diligence through Being in Denial

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442385_20140319-190627_1No success ever occurred without a high degree of diligence for, usually, an extended period of time.  Success absolutely isn’t something that can be expected without a significant degree of effort.  Effort, in this case, could be a synonym for diligence.  Diligence is nothing more than constant and dedicated effort regardless of the undertaking involved.

The challenge for far too many people while pursuing whatever they define as success is their tendency to delay.  Delay certain key steps or activities necessary to achieve success.  Almost inevitably the most critical reason for their delay or procrastination is denial.  Examples:

  • They deny themselves action because they are afraid of failure
  • They deny themselves a step-by-step approach to solving overwhelming challenges
  • They deny themselves a logical approach to planning each step toward success
  • They deny themselves the privilege of change when things don’t go as expected
  • They deny themselves the opportunity to learn from others
  • They deny themselves the belief that they are worthy of the goal
  • They deny they are in denial

All of that denial is only conducive to driving delay.  Delay is the exact opposite of diligence.  Success is impossible in the face of putting off to a later time, deferring or postponing thoughtful actions toward achieving the goal.  Don’t deny and delay…Do!  Act! Believe!

Diligence is to success as delay is to failure.  You’re in denial if you believe otherwise.

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