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Do Not Do These 12 Things When Wanting to Succeed

Call the content in this post “The Dirty Dozen.”  These twelve concepts are so sleazy and filthy they will absolutely assure your failure.  Don’t even think about succeeding at anything if you subscribe to any of these ideas!

So, if you really want to get dirty, here’s your dozen:

  1. Don’t find your passionate interests in life
  2. Don’t find exactly how you can pursue your passionate interests and make a living as well.
  3. Don’t create a vision of all the things you want to be, do or have as a result of pursuing your passions
  4. Don’t believe that you can achieve your vision
  5. Don’t dream about actually achieving your vision for yourself
  6. Don’t create detailed plans for achieving all the goals included in your vision
  7. Don’t create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound
  8. Don’t act on every step you outlined in your plans
  9. Don’t adapt your plans as circumstances change
  10. Don’t persist at all costs
  11. Don’t recognize that failure is inevitable along the way and that it is part of your ultimate success
  12. Don’t look to the horizon for new opportunities and act on them as old opportunities turn into dreams realized

That’s the dirtiest of dozens.  If you want to turn them into a clean dozen of golden eggs, drop the “don’t” at the beginning of each phrase.  Do all those things and success will be at the end of the rainbow.





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