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Do Not Let the Cliché No Risk No Reward Bother You

b2ap3_thumbnail_prey-244070_1280You know what a cliché is…right?  Well, maybe not so let me clarify.  A cliché is a saying that has been used so often that it is no longer original, interesting or, for that matter, effective.  So, why do I reference a well-worn cliché (no risk no reward) in the title of this post?  My thought is even though the phrase has been overused it still is succinct and powerful.  In four words it says it all regarding a key factor in achieving success.

The concept of success suggests to me something that is out in front of you.  You are in pursuit but haven’t quite gotten there yet.  As a consequence the concept further suggests that when you do arrive you will be in new territory.  You have walked a new path in life to a new destination.  What a wonderful reward for your effort!

What did it take to achieve the reward of your success?  Well, you had to a have an emotionally driven vision of what success was going to look like for you.  You had to create a plan of action and consistently act on the steps in that plan.  Furthermore, you had to adapt to all the unanticipated changes and roadblocks that popped up along the way.  Finally, you didn’t stop trying no matter what the frustrations were.

Okay…so let’s get back to our cliché:  No risk no reward.  In the previous paragraph I outlined several steps you have to take if you are going to succeed at anything.  The constant factor in each of those steps was risk.  You took a risk in creating the vision; creating the plan; acting on the steps in the plan; adapting to the unexpected; and the biggest risk of all…resisting the temptation to quit.  In short, if you hadn’t taken risk all along the way to success you would have failed.

Taking risk is synonymous with achieving success.  Thus, no risk no reward is still an effective affirmation.


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