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Doing What’s Right

I’m not talking about a golden rule like principal, here.  Hell, I’m not good enough to be so presumptuous.  There’s no doubt I have not always done right even if that was my intent.  I would imagine the same is true for you.

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue the search for doing the right thing.  The problem is our search may take us in the wrong direction.  You see doing the right thing isn’t about actions.  It’s about thoughts.

When you think right, you do right.  How you think is how you do.  It’s true for all of us.  If you think dark thoughts, you will do dark things.  If you think you can fool someone, you will and it will be you.  Thinking is the touchstone for all that comes after it.  Whatever it is you want think it first.



    • You want peace of mind…think peaceful thoughts


    • You want material things…think how you will feel when you have them


    • You want a family…think what you will bring to that family


  • You want a better job…think what you excel at


Doing what’s right is a thought before it is a reality.

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