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Do this and do that.  You may have spent a good part of your life being told to do just that.  It could have come from demanding parents, siblings, friends or business colleagues.  Whoever!  It really doesn’t make any difference the source of those directions.  You may not have reacted positively.  And, rightly so!  When we’re told what to do, we usually do less.

Here’s the point.  What you do in life isn’t about what others tell you to do.  The greatest lives are lived doing not for themselves with a selfish focus.  The fact is what you do for yourself has exactly the same life span as yours.  When you die what you did for yourself is gone.

To the contrary, the greatest lives are lived by giving to others.  Because, you see, what you do for others has the possibility of living on through them and what they do for others.  Your deeds realize an immortal destiny.

In short, doing is particularly good when it’s done for others.

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