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Don’t Accept Mediocrity!

I get frustrated by too many people today who accept mediocrity from themselves and others.  If mediocrity was our standard, the history of our world would be totally different.  I ask you:  Were the great kingdoms of Egypt mediocre in their impact on the ancient world?  Were the founders of the great religions of the world mediocre in their vision?  Was Marco Polo a mediocre explorer of the Far East?  Were the great Renaissance artists mediocre in their creativity?  Were the founding fathers of the United States mediocre in their vision for a new country?  Were the pioneers who followed the mantra, “Go West!” mediocre in the courage they demonstrated?  Well, I could go on and on with those kinds of questions.  You get the point.

If you in your own life are willing to accept mediocrity, you will, at best, get blah results.  Why would you do that to yourself?  You get one chance at this opportunity we call life, why make it a blah existence?  Why not stop saying blah, blah, blah about all the things in your life that are holding you back?

I’ve got a news flash for you.  You’re holding yourself back!  None of the examples sited in the first paragraph of this post held themselves back.  You are just as capable as they were.  The only difference between you and them is they went and did it and you are still thinking about it.

Don’t accept mediocrity!

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