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Don’t Be Everybody

In news program after program on television, currently, there is frequent reference to the subject of bullying.  It’s seems to be a pervasive and very disturbing occurrence.  What I find amazing is bullying isn’t just an issue in schools!  It happens in the work place…with adults, no less!!!

What’s it all about?  My thought is too much of it is driven by the differences in people.  People who don’t disappear into the melting pot of sameness get picked on.  What a shame!  If it weren’t for differences, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist.  We would be back in some primordial soup struggling for uniqueness.

The bully is a person who wants everybody to be nobody.  The bully thinks if you are you and not like everybody he or she is a nobody.  The bully wants the power of controlling everybody to make herself or himself a somebody.

Here’s the justice, however.  As time passes, the bully is inevitably left behind by somebody.  Somebody who understands that they don’t want to be like everybody.  Somebody who understands they are somebody because of their uniqueness…because of the potential of making their singular contribution to the greater good of the world.

Don’t be everybody…be somebody!

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