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Don’t Be Too Quick

There is no doubt it has become a push button world.  Almost everything you desire can, at one point or another in the process, become yours just by pushing a button.  Could be the Enter button on an ATM for you to receive cash.  Could be the click of a mouse on your computer to purchase the airline ticket for your trip of a lifetime.  Whatever…there’s a million examples I could cite.

Here’s the key point about the ease of pushing a button.  Think about it.  Pushing a button can be a very easy thing to do.  Once pushed, though, most buttons are unstoppable in the result.  Push and get…period.  It’s not push and think and ponder and then maybe undo.  It’s push and bingo you get what you pushed for.  So undoing the outcome of a button you push can be impossible.

My recommendation?  Push all buttons with clear perspective…don’t be too quick.  Know why you’re pushing and that you really want what you will get.

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